Terms of Conditions

Terms and Conditions


1.1 All offers, orders and agreements REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES thesis General Terms and Conditions (here after: Conditions) apply.

1.2 Accepting an offer or placing an order implies That the purchaser accepts the applicability of the general conditions prevailing at That Time.

1.3 Terms and conditions May be Amended by REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES at all times.

1.4 The Provisions can be waived by REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES only after written approval in synthesis conditions, in-which case Remain in full force the remaining Provisions.

1.5 All rights and claims, as in the synthesis conditions and any agreements for Further REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES are stipulated, are usefull stipulated for by REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES intermediaries and other third parties.


2.1 All offers are without engagement and REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES  reserves the right to change prices.

2.2 REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES reserves the right at all times to modify packaging, package contents, designs and colors.

2.3 An agreement is only after acceptance of your order by REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES. REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES is Entitled, without giving any reason to refuse orders or attach conditions to the delivery certainement, Unless otherwise specified.

2.4 If an order is not accepted by REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES, REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES this within five (5) days after receipt of the order.


3.1 The mode of transmission is determined by REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES, unless otherwise agreed.

3.2 REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES is not liable for delays in PostNL

3.3 Delivery Times Shall always REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES can for reimbursement of costs or damages for Exceeding the delivery time be held liable for approach and under no circumstances.

3.4 Loss, breakage, theft or other damage will be reimbursed by REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES during transport provided that this clear evidence can be provided, and the shipment is sent with an additional service.

3.5 Products-which are not automatically redirected in stock.

REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES the buyer will ask here within five working days of the height.

The buyer then Has The option to cancel the order.


4.1 The prices for the products and services offered on our website are in Euros, including 21% VAT, including shipping.

4.2 For orders rates for regular mail are maintained with a delivery address outside the Netherlands.


5.1 Payment Shall Be for delivery (Unless otherwise agreed) Transferred by:

ABN-AMRO account: NL11ABNA 0566818019 in the name of REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES stating your name and your order number REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES.


6.1 Goods can within eight (8) days after the invoice date will be exchanged if the sealing of the packaging is not broken, damaged, re-sealed etc.

The customer is aware that its products are covered by the group cosmetics and hygiene related need not be accepted by REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES for exchange if the package lost, damaged, re-sealed etc.

6.2 REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES only gives money back provided there is compliance with article 6.1.

6.3 (Transmission) Costs Incurred to exchange goods Shall be borne by the buyer.

6.4 Non-registered return shipping is at the risk of the purchaser.

6.5 Upon return within a period of eight (8) days, the Customer has two months in-which to place a new order for the same amount or more.

6.6 The buyer is obliged to check Whether the items delivered comply with the order.

Any deviation in colors, textures and models or, to the extent acceptable can not be returned or exchanged.

If this is not the case, the buyer needs this within eight (8) days after delivery to notify by e-mail to REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES Stating the name of the buyer, the order number and a clear explanation why the article does not comply.

REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES will replace the item or payment undo if it shows that the product is not accepted for valid reasons.

If within this period reported no shortage, then any claim against REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES expires in respect of any defect.

6.7 Photos of the products on the website of REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES are indicative, no rights can be derived. The customer is informed that REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES are a natural product and it may sometimes be slightly different.

6.8 REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES can never be held responsible for damages suffered due to incorrect shipments with incorrect items.

6.9 REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES reserves at all times the right to change prices, packages, package contents, designs and colors.

6:10 REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES exchanging any products and / or gives no refund for used goods that are in good condition.

6:11 A return is only returnable if they received REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES and approved.


7.1 Complaints about quality within thirty (30) days of purchase to be given in writing with a clear statement of the complaint.

If within this period reported no shortage, then any claim against REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES expires in respect of any defect.

7.2 REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES only takes the complaint of the official buyer, as known in the customer base in treatment.

7.3 The buyer is obliged to cooperate fully REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES what is needed to resolve the complaint in all fairness.

7.4 In order to be sent to deal with the complaint, all products / hair extensions within thirty days (30) after purchase return.

Products that are not sent within this period return will not be eligible for complaint.

Loose hair extensions or half deliveries are not accepted as full complaint.

7.5 If any doubt arises during the treatment about the treatment should be discontinued immediately and should be contacted REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES.

7.6 Products that have been chemically treated are not eligible for complaint.

7.7 The chemical treatment (including dyeing, perming, etc.) of the hair is the risk of the purchaser.

7.8 The color of the hair extensions with silver shampoo or other color changing products at your own risk.

7.9 REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES does not warrant wrong color or texture customer choice.

7:10 REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES does not guarantee a confirmation system which is not as pleasant experience by the side.

7:11 REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES does not warrant any misuse / care products

7:12 REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES is not liable for the work of others. 

7.13 The shorter cut of the bonds is at your own risk. 

7:14 The cut pieces of the hair of a Weft Hair is at your own risk. 
Warranty for hair loss of the weft will hereby expire.

7.15 Return shipping does not provide a guarantee of compensation.

7.16 The customer is expected to take his / her own accountability when a problem arises where REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES is not responsible.

7.17 The customer is deemed to report a complaint in fairness. In case of distorted facts, REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES will not consider the complaint or terminate investigations. REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES is entitled to no longer deliver its products to customers who are not in good faith.

7.18 Compensation consists exclusively of the same product as the purchased product and not in compensation of money or costs incurred to third parties. If a product is no longer in stock, a voucher will be created with an equal value of the purchased product. This voucher can be used freely in the REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES webshop

7.19 Any rejected complaints can not be answered.  


8.1 For all return shipments, the following rules apply:

Send an email to info@realhairforbossladies.nl stating your name and the reason for return.

Make sure you return your product within eight (8) days from the day you contacted REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES regarding the return to be sent back.

When a new product the seal must not be broken.

When a new product is to be the packaging intact.

Costs for returns are for the buyer unless there is an incorrect delivery is done by REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES.

Non-registered return process is the risk of the purchaser.

REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES is not responsible for the loss or delay of a return.

Insufficiently stamped or unstamped returns are not accepted by REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES.

The buyer must pack the items so that damage is avoided.


9.1 The ownership of products is transferred only when all payments have been paid by the buyer to REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES.


10.1 The buyer shall indemnify REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES for any liability that could rest on REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES third parties concerning the goods delivered by REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES.

10.2 In some scientific publications seems to be said that hair extensions may could damage the natural hair and scalp.

These claims are, however, contradicted in other publications, taking also clearly noted that if there is already damage, it also may result from improper use of hair extensions.

There is no clear scientific reports available on the possible damage caused by hair extensions and / or improper use of hair extensions.

  1. In addition to above REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES however, explicitly states in no way responsible or liable to be held to any form of damage, including physical or psychological, that may result from the use of hair extensions.
  2. Use of hair extensions and / or accessories thereof, provided by REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES, is at your own risk.
  3. REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES is not responsible for the work of third parties, including but not limited to the processing of products supplied by REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES.


11.1 In case of dispute the courts of the place of our office, or at our option jurisdiction.


12.1 All copyright and other intellectual property rights Relating to the site REALHAIRFORBOSSLADIES May not be copied without permission.